At Marlborough Equestrian Park we welcome booking enquiries from all ESNZ Disciplines as well as Pony Club, Showing, In-hand and teaching or bodywork clinics.  Please check our calendar for available dates and send your enquiry through
Please note that the Park will be closed for general riding use (by those not competing or taking part) when there are large events/clinics taking please.  If in doubt, please check our facebook page or make contact through our bookings page
Thank you
What's On at MEP

Sunday 6th December - Marlb Dressage Fun Day

11-13 December - Blm Riding Club Camp

Sunday 13th December - Blm PC Rally

Tues 12th Jan - Andrea Raves Lessons

Sunday 24th Jan - Marlb Breeders Led & Ridden Show

30-31st Jan - Mounted Games

Mon 15th Feb - Andrea Raves Lessons

20-21 Feb - Marlb SJ Fun Day

3 March - Andrea Raves Lessons

Sunday 7th March - Marlb Dressage SS3

Sat 3rd April - Marlb PC - TOTS Dressage & SJ


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