The Marlborough Equestrian Park was born through the hard work of a small committee combining the four ESNZ disciplines in the area. 


It had long been considered that a shared home was required for all of the region’s equestrian activities and in 2011 the Marlborough District Council made it a priority, first conducting a feasibility study of the proposed park on the Bothams Bend site in Spring Creek.  A steering group comprising of two representatives each from Show Jumping, Dressage, Eventing and Endurance/Trail Riding was formed to represent Marlborough’s equestrian interests.


Although these four disciplines played an integral part in the process of establishing the facility, it has been strongly stressed from the outset that the Park is not just for competitive equestrian sports, it is very much for everybody, including equestrian recreation.


The feasibility of the project was duly confirmed, civil engineer and professional project manager Tim Smit becoming a key cog in the venture.


The coming together of the codes and driving a multi-discipline facility, the first new dedicated equestrian venue for many years, was fundamental to the outcome and has produced plenty of feedback


In 2013 and 2014, initial riding surfaces, temporary club rooms and minor field works were undertaken.  Following on from this, power was installed to the site and the first set of yards was soon built, along with horse wash-down bays.  From 2014, the grassing down of turf surfaces, installation of temporary clubrooms and on-going development of horse facilities, landscaping and ground works, was set in motion.

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